We’d like everyone to read through the CSA member agreement, print it out, sign it, and return it with your order form.

Customers purchase credits from the farm, and in return receive produce each week, picked fresh that day. By joining our CSA you share all the rewards and some of the risks of the season. In general though, credits include slightly more produce than you’d get at the farmer’s market for the money. In the event of failure of specific crops, we will just give you more of other items that we grow. This may or may not be feasible depending on the season. When we have an overabundance of anything, we also give extra to the CSA, though we will try not to overload you on any one type of produce. While we would never want to purchase outside produce to fill our orders, it may be an option if another organic grower is growing something that failed for us.

All of our produce is grown with organic practices and absolutely no chemicals. We are considered a transitional organic farm as it takes 3 years of organic practices to be certified organic. This is our inaugural year. Our crops that you can expect are found on the crop list tab of our website. 

We also sell produce at various farmers’ markets and occasionally wholesale. While we technically try to balance priority for produce delivery to all of our outlets so that we can meet our bills, the CSA gets slightly more priority. Don’t be alarmed if you come to market and see some item that isn’t in your order! It probably just means there wasn’t a reasonable amount to go around to all of our members, or it came into maturity at the wrong time. Don’t worry that you’ll wind up with 10 pounds of tomatoes in your order if that is our most abundant crop. We try to include some sort of root vegetable, a fresh herb, greens, salad mix, some sort of allium crop, and anything else that might be in season each week. The volume and weight vary a lot each week during the season. In the spring our produce will most likely have large volume and lower weight, and at the peak of summer it is usually lower volume and heavier weight.

You are responsible for picking up your produce or finding a substitute. If you are running late, please call Kayla at 732-539-5612 during drop off times, and your items can possibly be left at the site. At other times, please use email, as early as possible. Pick up at the farm is 4:00p.m. - 6:30p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday. Delivery is also available. Delivery is a flat rate charge of $5.00 within a 10-mile radius of the farm. Outside the 10 mile radius the delivery charge is $5.00 plus $0.25 cents for each additional mile. If you wish to change your pickup day or delivery day, let us know at least 2 days ahead of time. We cannot accommodate this on a weekly basis however– this would be a one-time change as well as a permanent change for the season. If your items aren’t picked up, they might be donated to the last member who shows up, our hosts, our friends, or a food pantry. In other words, it is often not available the next day. 

             Memberships are sold in advance of the growing season, which helps cover our initial costs of seed, labor, and equipment. We truly appreciate your support! We have two forms of membership and different levels to each form of membership. The more you buy the more you save. All of our packages are offered at a considerable discount from our retail prices and each larger package offers more of a discount per credit. Memberships range from $100.00 to $970.00 for the season. See our membership tab on the website for more details.

Payments are non-refundable after May 1st.

The best way to reach us is by email: ___________ We have ruined too many phones answering calls with mud covered or wet hands. The exception is during CSA pickup (and the hour before), when the best number to call is _______We communicate by email. If this doesn’t work for you, let us know. We try to send out a weekly update of what you are getting in your weekly or bi-weekly order along with a little farm news.

Please sign the membership agreement:

By signing below, I agree to the terms of membership and to purchase the membership and credits associated with the membership indicated on the accompanying order form. I understand that in the unlikely event the farm may need to change some of the terms I will be contacted by email (unless I’ve made other arrangements) in advance of the changes.