Stoney Lane Organic Farm's Roots and Goals

Dating back over 6 generations, Stoney Lane Farm has been a staple farm in Buckingham, growing and developing throughout its timeline. The farm started as a 120 head of cattle dairy farm and then turned into a conventional field crop farm such as corn, wheat, soybeans, hay and straw. Now the current generation is working tirelessly to transform the land once again to become a haven of regenerative agriculture. The revolution from growing conventional feed to organic food is met with many obstacles. Creating an appealing environment for beneficial organisms, reintroducing microbes and nutrients to the exasperated soil, and controlling pest populations in a natural way are just a few of those challenges.

Going into their fourth season, Stoney Lane Organic Farm, Inc. has grown from a small table at a few local markets, to having their own on site Farm Market Store. The market on the farm began as a small tent, to an overhang, and is now its own insulated building! In addition to carrying their own Farm Fresh Produce, their market also supplies customers and CSA members with local, organic, pasture raised meats, eggs, and dairy, as well as other locally crafted organic products such as preserves, tea, coffee, soaps, and more.

Transitional farms like Stoney Lane Organic Farm can only exist successfully with the support of their community. That is why Stoney Lane Organic Farm now has a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in place. CSA programs are crucial for the successful development and transformation of small farms like Stoney Lane Organic Farm. There are a ton of options to choose from on the Stoney Lane Organic Farm website ( The CSA makes it possible for small start up farms to afford the up front and operational costs on the farm. It allows for farmers to be more prepared for sudden weather or pest issues, and to afford the labor it takes to harvest all those delicious vegetables you and your family enjoy all season. Stoney Lane Organic Farm has taken a creative approach to the traditional CSA program, in offering more choice in addition to going old school with a veggie package each week. The all inclusive option allows you to pick and choose anything within the store throughout the 22 week program, allowing members to complete most of their grocery shopping at the farm! While the veggie only option is for lovers of the traditional style CSA, which can be customized or pre packaged as a surprise. All CSA shares come with bonus “bucks” as a way for the farm to thank you for your support and dedication to sustainable agriculture for the season! If you’re interested in aiding and supporting the transformation of land from conventional cash crops to sustainable vegetables for the community, please take a look at their website and consider signing up for a summer of Farm Fresh Produce and more!