Our first ever corporate CSA happened midway through the 2018 season when we were contacted by Doylestown Hospital to help develop a CSA program with them for their employees at the hospital. Every week we brought individual boxes of produce for all the employees who signed up to the cafeteria where for an hour each week they came and picked up their box of produce during the designated pick up time. This was a huge success and we look forward to working with them again next year.

If you are interested please email us and we can set up a time to come out and meet with you to help develop and implement a CSA at your place of business.

Here is how it works!

There are 4 package sizes to choose from:

Cottage Package: This package is great for individuals or couple who enjoy eating healthy. Cost is $440 ($20 per week).

Colonial Package: This package is great for smaller size families who enjoy eating healthy. Cost is $660 ($30 per week).

Estate Package: This package is great for medium size families who enjoy eating healthy. Cost is $880 ($40 per week).

Ranch Package: This package is great for larger families who enjoy eating healthy. Cost is $1,100 ($50 per week).

One person from your company is selected to be in charge and our main contact for the season. This person will use a spreadsheet to sign up each individual and collect the money from each person. Each person will choose a package size based on what amount of vegetables and fruits they would like to receive on a weekly basis. Each person who registers for the CSA understands that this is a 22 week long commitment and that there is no refunds once the season begins. In the event that someone is unable to pick up their produce that week for whatever reason can come to our farm store during our business hours and pickup the produce that they missed at anytime during the 22 week season to make up for what they missed. We will not bring extra produce the following week for those that missed a week. We will only bring the amount of produce that is needed for that week. We do keep track of who picked up their produce and who has not picked up their produce. We will set up a designated area for pickup at your location along with a day and time for each week for a 22 week season. The season typically begins in Mid May and runs to Mid October. Each package will contain varieties of vegetables and fruits that are ready during different times of the season. We will be growing over 175 different varieties of produce and will have something for everyone. All fruits will be from other local farms that grow there fruits with organic methods or are organically certified. Every week there will be something different to enjoy!